EPCM and Consultancy

MGS, which has been showing its activities on environmental and consultancy issues in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Environmental Legislation since 2005, has started to serve in the field of Technical Consultancy as of December 2019. In line with the laws, bylaws and regulations of the relevant institutions and organizations, all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure projects, land control and the construction control of the infrastructure and superstructure constructions related to them are offered by our consultancy team which consists of specialists in their fields of Architecture and Engineering.

On behalf of the relevant institution and organization, starting from the design phase of the investment, all Architectural and Engineering projects controls, the control of the land and ground works before the construction phase, and the on-site control of the compliance of the productions made with the laws and regulations during the construction phase are carried out by our consultancy team.

Our services provided in this context are described below.

Consultancy Services such as Private Industry, Individual Investment, etc.

Production Controllership

Consultancy Services for Licensing Procedures

Field Controllership Services

Project Controllership Services

Consultancy Services at the Contract Negotiations Stage

Tender Phase Technical Support and Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services at the Contract Negotiations Phase

Project Management


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