Environmental Management

MGS, evaluation of the environmental and social impacts that may arise from the projects planned or in operation and assessment of social impacts and environmental values in relation to the elimination or minimization of these effects, carries out sustainable studies within the scope of the development of alternative solutions, taking into account the economic and social structure.

Environmental Consulting

For national and international companies, sustainability studies and environmental issues are now at the forefront. These companies have environmental units and/or many environmental engineers in their corporate structures to fulfil their obligations under the legislation, and receive high-level consultancy services in order to be aware of sectoral studies, practices and developments around the world, and to ensure that environmental issues are carried out with a more integrated perspective.

Environmental Management Services Consultancy

The service which is provided for the fulfilment of the environmental obligations of the companies within the scope of the legislation and announcements published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Zero Waste Consultancy

It is the services provided within the scope of carrying out the necessary studies to bring the waste into the economy in the most appropriate way with environmental values and manage it sustainably. Plastics, which have become an indispensable part of our lives due to various conveniences in our daily life; due to their frequent and multi-purpose use, light and low cost, its use has increased tremendously today, and the world has been alarmed for other types of waste simultaneously with plastics, the issue of 'ZERO WASTE' has come to the agenda and different studies have been started on the subject in many developed countries of the world. The Zero Waste Project was implemented gradually within the framework of the Zero Waste Management Action Plan covering the period 2018-2023, and the Zero Waste Regulation was published in the Official Gazette No 30826. To implement the Zero Waste Management Model more effectively and systematically, the need to prepare a 'Zero Waste Management Plan' arose. A Zero Waste Management Plan is prepared to determine the actions and roadmap that will provide an under