Planning Report Preparation


Preparation of planning reports for many different projects is done by the experienced staff of MGS Proje.

The services provided within the scope of preparation of the planning report are given below:

  • Preparation of Facility Site Selection Report
  • Preparing a Preliminary Review Report
  • Preparation of Soil Drainage Report
  • Preparation of Agricultural Economy Report
  • Preparation of Hydrology Report
  • Project Site Map Reception
  • Conducting Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Material Research
  • Preparation of Natural Building Materials and Engineering Geology Reports
  • Determination of Structure Approximate Dimensions
  • Planning Report Preparation
  • Preparation of Earthquake Risk Analysis Reports
  • Alternative Project and Optimization Studies
  • Preparation of Preliminary Projects
  • Calculation of Project Cost
  • Making Economic Analysis