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The services offered within the scope of the design of these facilities are as follows:


  • Facility Location Selection Report Preparation
  • Feasibility Report Preparation
  • Alternative Project and Optimization Studies
  • Determination of Structure Approximate Dimensions
  • Preparation of Preliminary Projects
  • Calculation of Project Cost
  • Making Economic Analysis
  • Project Site Map Acquisition
  • Conducting and Reporting Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Material Research and Reporting
  • Preparation of Natural Building Materials and Engineering Geology Reports


  • Determination of the Exact Sizes of the Structures
  • Hydrological Designing of the Structures
  • Static Reinforced Concrete Calculations of Structures
  • Making Slope Stability Analyses
  • Preparation of Solid (Final) Projects (Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural)
  • Preparation of Implementation Projects (Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural)
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Performing the Cost Analyses
  • Preparation of Quantity and Discovery Reports
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Designing of the Facilities in 3 Dimension

Municipal and Packaging Waste Storage Facilities

Municipality and Packaging Waste Storage Facilities

“Municipal and Packaging Waste Storage Facilities” are designed with the experienced staff of MGS Project especially in regular waste storage facilities projects in accordance with the “Regulation on Regular Storage of Wastes” published in the Official Gazette dated 26.03.2010 and numbered 27533 and other relevant national legislation, and in accordance with international standards.

Thanks to the “Municipal and Packaging Waste Storage Facilities” designed as a regular storage facility, it is aimed to prevent environmental pollution by minimizing the negative effects of leakage waters and warehouse gases on soil, air, groundwater and superficial waters. In this way, it is tried to prevent environmental pollution from waste from negatively affecting human life.

The following units can be located in the Municipality and Packaging Waste Storage Facilities:

  • Entrance Control and Scale Building,
  • Administrative Building,
  • Landfill Areas,
  • Vehicle Maintenance Workplace,
  • Composting Area,
  • Sorting Facilities,
  • Packaging Waste Recycling Unit,
  • Wheel Washing Unit,
  • Leakage Water Collection Ponds,
  • Leakage Water Treatment Plant, etc.