Soil Improvement and Stability Studies


The scope of our services in rehabilitation and stability is very wide, and our main service areas are summarized as slope stability, seismic design, retaining structures, liquefaction studies and foundation design. The projects we do within the scope of our studies are based on both the literature and the latest applications applied in real-time in the world. We attach great importance to economic analysis in all our works and prepare our projects according to cost-benefit criteria. Thus, we make sure that all the requirements of the service we provide are fulfilled.

Soil Injection

The grouting properties to be applied to the floor should be chosen meticulously. The most important factor in cement injections is the amount of water and cement. Flowability, water vomit and grain size are important in cement mixtures for injection. After the injection process, shrinkage, hydration temperature and strength properties are important. In the case of an increase in water/cement ratio, it is seen that watering increases and strength decrease. It is seen that injection application becomes more difficult in case the water/cement ratio is low.

Therefore, the most important factor in the proposed injection application is the water/cement ratio of the material to be injected. This ratio can be found by considering the soil parameters. In addition, the materials injected into the ground have diversified with the development of technology and the selection of the right mixture has become important in the injection process.