The services provided within the scope of the project design of these facilities are given below:

  • Preparation of Facility Site Selection Report
  • Preparing a Preliminary Review Report
  • Project Site Map Reception
  • Conducting Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Preparation of Preliminary Projects
  • Preparation of Solid (Final) Projects (Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural)
  • Preparation of Application Projects (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural)
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Cost Analysis
  • Preparation of Quantity and Discovery Reports
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • 3D Design of Facilities
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report
  • Preparation of Earthquake Risk Analysis Reports
  • Determining the Dimensions of Structures
  • Construction Hydraulic Design
  • Building Static Reinforced Concrete Calculations

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

The increase in the population of our country and the world increases the need of people for water. To respond to this need, water from various sources is subjected to treatment methods and water containing values ​​​​that people can use is obtained. The increase in the number of drinking water treatment plants will undoubtedly increase the amount of water that people can use. For this reason, the construction of drinking water treatment plants is extremely important. The design of these facilities is prepared by the experienced staff of MGS.