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  • Determination of the Exact Dimensions of Structures
  • Hydraulic Design of Structures
  • Making Static Reinforced Concrete Calculations of Structures
  • Dam Body Slope Stability Analysis
  • Final (Final) Projects (Construction, Mechanical,
  • Electrical and Architectural) Preparation
  • Application Projects (Construction, Mechanical,
  • Electrical and Architectural) Preparation
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Cost Analysis
  • Preparation of Quantity and Discovery Reports
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • 3D Design of Facilities
  • Transfer of Projects to Geographic Information System (GIS)


“Dam Projects” are designed by MGS Proje, especially with its experienced staff in dam projects, in compliance with the national legislation regarding dams and taking into account international standards.

The services provided within the scope of the project design of these facilities are given below:


  • Preparation of Facility Site Selection Report
  • Preparing a Preliminary Review Report
  • Preparation of Soil Drainage Report
  • Preparation of Agricultural Economy Report
  • Preparation of Hydrology Report
  • Geological, Geophysical and Hydrogeological Studies making
  • Material Research
  • Preparation of Natural Building Materials and Engineering Geology Reports
  • Determination of Structure Approximate Dimensions
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report
  • Planning Report Preparation
  • Preparation of Master Plan
  • Preparation of Earthquake Risk Analysis Reports
  • Alternative Project and Optimization Studies
  • Preparation of Preliminary Projects
  • Calculation of Project Cost
  • Making Economic Analysis