Flora and Fauna Research, Ecosystem Assessment Reports Biodiversity Research, Habitat-Species Monitoring, Transport and Conservation Projects, Landscape Repair Plans, Mansap Water Usage Rights Reports, Wetland Management Plans

EPCM and Consultancy

MGS, which has been showing its activities on environmental and consultancy issues in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Environmental Legislation since 2005, has started to serve in the field of Technical Consultancy as of December 2019.

Feasibility Studies and Project Management

MGS, by completing the necessary technical personnel and infrastructure in 2011, created a “Project Design Department” to carry out the study, project and engineering services in various sectors.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

MGS; since its establishment, provides Environmental and Social Impact Assessment services in accordance with the regulations of national and international organizations.

Environmental Management

MGS, evaluation of the environmental and social impacts that may arise from the projects planned or in operation and assessment of social impacts and environmental values in relation to the elimination or minimization of these effects, carries out sustainable studies within the scope of the development of alternative solutions, taking into account the economic and social structure.


River Basin Management Plans, Special Provision Determination Projects, Drought And Flood Management Plans, Mansap Water Usage Rights Report, Wetland Management Plans, Climate Change